Electric Vehicle Charging at Home


Demand for electric vehicle charging at residential homes is on the rise, and Florida is leading the pack. With the surge in Florida home building, development and remodeling, the need for a superior EV charging solution is critical. From mega mansions on the beach to more modest planned communities, home buyers expect reliable electric vehicle charging to fit their modern lifestyle. mbs provides builders and developers with a solid, turnkey solution.

Features and benefits
of mbs and ZEVTRON solutions:

  • The latest technology for fast, reliable charging, ensuring end user satisfaction and loyalty
  • Two year warranty to protect your investment with the option to extend
  • Open standard technology to ensure compatibility with most electric vehicles.
EV Charging Solutions

mbs and ZEVTRON Residential Solutions are Suitable for:

  • Residential Home Builders and Developers
  • Residential Home Remodelers
  • Architects
  • MEP Engineers
  • Homeowners

Recommended Products

Level 2 Overhead Mount

E Series w/ ADA Auto Coil


Level 2 30/40/48/80A

Single Wall/Ped J Series